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There are no simple rules to life, try and fail, but don't fail to try.  All goals are passion driven, and goals start off as dreams.  "Dare to Dream the Impossible" is the course of action to achieving our goals.  DEEP Lifestyles Supply Co. is an empowering brand advocating to encourage, and motivate all those around us.  To remind us the impossible starts with today's dream and diligence to make the impossible...possible.
DEEP Lifestyles Supply Co. is a L.A. based brand intertwining the lifestyles elements of car enthusiasts, music lovers, skaters, and other forms of the streetwear culture putting it under one roof.  This concept was derived by the founder of DEEP, driven by his diligence, determination, and dedication.  DEEP reflects his love of the rich cultures of street style. 
Once limited to eyewear, in a short period of time DEEP has evolved into a lifestyle brand with accessories, apparel, headwear, and travel gear.  With top notch designers and production team, the possibilities of our products are endless.
DEEP Lifestyles was established in Los Angeles, with a diverse pool of inspirations from our surroundings, and trends which result in products that meet social demands.  Our first flagship store opened in West Hollywood on the popular strip of Melrose Ave.   Showcasing our pre-releases and newest collections, a variety of special events are also hosted at our Melrose store. 
"Dare to Dream the Impossible" 


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